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The Benefits of SOAR: How It Impacts Your Business

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

The world is moving towards digital transformation, where automation is the new way of doing things. Mainly, automation in security has been massively growing over the years, and the trend continues unabated.

Security automation uses technology to perform tasks with less human assistance to integrate security applications, processes, and infrastructure. It also includes introducing new and more high-tech tools for combatting cyberattacks, such as AI email security tools.

Implementing strategies that reduce team burden and boost operational effectiveness is crucial for the success of your Security Operations Centre (SOC). SOAR can help in that situation. Implementing SOAR is a significant step toward quicker turnaround of security processes, thus leading to efficient remediation of cyber threats and greatly improving your company’s cybersecurity posture.

Here are some of the essential benefits of SOAR and how it can impact your business.

1. Immediate responses to cyber incidents

SOAR allows organisations to respond to a cyber-incident in real time as soon as it is detected. Real-time response is crucial as every minute lost during a cyber-incident can cause financial damages or loss of functions, especially those in the Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) sectors governed by the Cybersecurity Act. This becomes all the more evident when it comes to personal and sensitive data.

SOAR enables organisations to implement automated response systems that kick in as soon as an incident is detected. These mechanisms include Notification, Enrichment, Containment and Custom Action (Set Classifications or Priority Status). It can also initiate forensics or investigation efforts due to satisfying the Four Core functions of a SOAR.

2. Addresses the growing volume of alerts

With an increasing number of cyber threat alerts, SOAR regulates the stream of low-risk alerts and cuts through the noise to deliver what matters most to businesses.

This is accomplished by prioritising alerts and categorising important information such as urgency, business effect, and asset type. Users can define which alerts are prioritised by creating rules and policies. With SOAR, enterprises can be confident that their security tools are helping them stay protected and not getting in the way, especially in the case of alert fatigue.

3. Seamlessly integrate security into development

Platform integration works best when it is supported by the Open Integration Framework (OIF). The OIF philosophy facilitates the integration of various security products for a more seamless security workflow. OIF alters how integrations are used within a platform, enabling users to connect with external systems, establish external connections, and launch automated processes.

4. Reducing the disparity in skills

Processes for automating workflows aid analysts operate at their peak efficiency. As a result, there is less of a skill gap caused by a shortage of trained cybersecurity specialists.

Moreover, to avoid becoming obsolete, analysts can use workflow automation tools to help them focus on more advanced tasks requiring a high level of expertise. Analysts can spend more time on critical tasks that demand sophisticated expertise by delegating repetitive, non-critical functions to software.

5. False positive detector

The SOAR triage, Supervised Active Intelligence (SAI), and machine learning engine can distinguish between ordinary and suspicious activities, separating genuine threats from false positives. This enables the software to focus on high-priority activities and ignore low-risk ones.

The approach also eliminates false negatives by prioritising the most likely attacks and delegating high-risk users to security professionals. In other words, while the platform’s machine learning algorithms can detect malicious activity and mark it as a risk, only a human can assess whether that risk is genuine.

SAI can also apply rules to incoming data and make decisions based on the context of the situation. This additional layer of security enables the software to respond to changing conditions and adapt to new threats.


Ultimately, there are plenty of benefits that come with using implementing SOAR. Besides providing immediate responses to cyber threats, addressing growing alerts, and reducing alert fatigue, SOAR also allows your company to have a more substantial cybersecurity infrastructure and more organised security processes in preparation for the growing complexity of the threat landscape and the number of cyberattacks.

Through SOAR, you can essentially lower your security risk and increase your preparedness for your organisation in lieu of a growing cyber threat landscape.

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