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 AI Automated simulation

Automated Phishing

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 AI Automated simulation
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AI Automated phishing

As an established cybersecurity company in Singapore, we offer AI Automated phishing simulations alongside powerful threat intelligence and interactive cybersecurity learning. This makes it an excellent tool for minimizing the risks of phishing by up till 96% with no need for any sort of manual intervention.

Our automated security awareness program also contains an advanced Artificial Intelligence feature that can point out critical areas your employees must know to stay secure.


Managed Phishing Simulation Service

Our AI automated security awareness program includes phishing simulations and training tasks that help to train users regularly in cultivating them against phishing emails.


Not only will the automated phishing tool raise awareness among employees in Singapore in terms of phishing emails, but our consistent training includes simulation campaigns based upon real-life threats, events, and topics. Make sure your training on cybersecurity is constantly updated and never out of date.

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Our Phishing Simulation Service Includes:

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Managed Service Highlights

Our specialists will take the time to review the results of the simulation and training activity. We will give you actionable suggestions.

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What happens after the simulation?

After the simulation, multiple user behavior statistics will be recorded to generate the different types of training content and materials for the users. From there, the AI will record statistics such as the type of training or incomplete training.


All this helps generate specific and related content and subsequent simulations for the users for their personal security awareness program.


What is Phishing?

Phishing is a scam that attempts to trick you into giving sensitive information such as your username, password, or bank account details by pretending to be someone you know and trust.


While this is usually done with email, scammers may also do it via phone. The email or text may appear to come from your bank or another brand you often patronize.


Often, it may come with a promise of freebies or a warning that your bank account is compromised. Then, they will ask you to take immediate action, such as clicking a link, opening an attachment, replying with your account information, or filling in personal data.

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Small Tips To Spot Potential Phishing

It’s advisable to learn the signs to increase awareness of potential phishing emails. Watch out for:

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