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Cyber Security Automation

Automation & Orchestration (SOAR)

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SOAR Cyber Security Singapore

SOAR Platform

Take a proactive approach toward investigating alerts, collecting security data, and acquiring alert information from various sources, including SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), by cutting through overloading alerts and fake positives.

By combining it with the automation that our SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) platform provides, it helps leverage machine learning to significantly lower false positives and repeat events. This allows businesses in Singapore to be ready to handle more threats when they strike.


Security Automation vs Security Orchestration
Orchestration and Collaboration

Our SOAR platform connects contrasting tools to make incident responses automatic, ensuring no manual input for time-consuming tasks is needed.


Instruction manuals highlight appropriate courses of action, reducing the time required to solve issues. Moreover, besides automated security responses, our SOAR solution is adaptive, boosting the entire team’s efficiency.


Native orchestration capabilities improve the SOC team’s collaboration to ensure effective synergy when dealing with an incident response from beginning to end. Automating the full incident lifecycle eases the workload of security analysts while aiding with deducing real threats and coordinating an effective workflow across the company.

Orchestration includes all the technologies that assist with the resolution of cyber threats

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Address The Skill Shortage Issue

The organizations can take advantage of that efficiency and productivity to reduce some of the security-related operational costs.

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