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SEMNet Pte Ltd uses machine learning technology, integrating Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber security with progressive automation and orchestration.

As an established cyber security consulting firm in Singapore, SEMNet Pte Ltd can help make it easier by integrating many technologies into a single platform. This enables smooth processes to be integrated and communicated in a single platform with different technologies and more importantly, fully automated with zero human intervention.

As a Cyber Security firm, we help to align your business goal and protect your company assets. 

Below are some of the key cyber security solutions we embark on. 

AI Automated Phishing and Training

We provide regular simulated phishing exercises that help inbuild the awareness that users need to have in place for compliance and lower your cyber insurance. AI automated systems help complete the entire workload fuss-free and with ease!

DDos Protection

With the rise of IoT devices, attackers capitalize on security vulnerabilities or device weaknesses to take control with command and control software. We help to implement DDoS protection using machine learning which examines data packets to identify suspicious behavior.


Also, it examines your DNS traffic to protect you from various threats, comprising application and volumetric attacks and potentially harmful anomalies.

Automation & Orchestration - SOAR

SEMNet’s playbooks customization and workflow integration of processes help professionals and analysts ease their mundane workload and more investigative work, improving their skill sets.


The lack of qualified cyber security analysts is another area where automation is required to ease the situation that is faced globally.

Cloud Security - CASB

We integrate CASB to help companies collaborate easily across all applications without sacrificing security.

AI Email Security 

AI is used to monitor and pick up phishing activities, thus removing suspected emails even before users receive them! No solution offers 100%, but have you already got 90% covered? Reduce your risk today!

​​End Point Security

Endpoint security provides data leak protection (DLP), device management, network access control, encryption, threat detection, and response.

Patching management

Management platform enabling IT Operations and Security teams to automate discovery, management, and remediation.

Vulnerability Management 

The standardized configurations make it easier and less costly to implement a patch and vulnerability management program. Patching tools are also automated to find out the latest vulnerabilities and can use a risk-based approach to segregate the severity for the team to perform the patching.

Web Vulnerability  Application

This helps identify vulnerabilities in all types of modern, legacy, and custom web applications, regardless of the architectures or platforms they are based on.

Integrate security into modern development effortlessly and stay ahead of threats without slowing down

The Importance of Proactive Cyber Security

IT Security Consulting Services Singapore

Our cyber security consulting firm prefers a proactive approach when investigating alerts and collecting security data from various sources, such as SIEM.

With this, it can leverage machine learning to reduce false positives and duplicate events significantly. This helps you prepare against real threats when they appear. 

When it comes to cyber security, there is a concept called proactive cyber defense, or proactive defense for short. This refers to a strategy that is based on prevention instead of detection.


The main idea of a proactive approach is the actions you can take before any attack happens. This helps negate threats before it even starts to form.


Our solutions and professional IT services help you make data-driven decisions and free up resources by reducing the time it takes to examine security and operational issues. This helps save 70% of your cost and your time.

Should you feel that the responsibilities at hand are daunting or that keeping up with the latest security dangers is a challenging effort, you can count on our IT security services, allowing you to focus on what you do best when it comes to your business in Singapore.

Cyber Security Consulting Services Singapore

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