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Automate & Accelerate your process

Using machine learning technology, integrate IoT and cyber security with progressive automation and orchestration.

​​Combining many technologies into a single platform and managing them without putting too much strain on human resources

Automated Phishing

Self-learning, AI-driven email security platform continuously detects and remediates advanced threats in your company’s mailboxes.

AI Email Security 

AI systems to monitor email. If their algorithms detect phishing activity, it can pull emails out of an inbox without delay. This stops cybercrime before it can take place.

Automation & Orchestration - SOAR

Automated workflow processes help analysts function at an optimal level and reduce the skills gap that exists from the lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals.

Cloud Security - CASB

Discovers current cloud application or infrastructure security settings and suggests modifications to improve security based on industry standards such as the (CIS) benchmarks

Patching management

Management platform enabling IT Operations and Security teams to automate discovery, management and remediation

DDos Protection

With the rise of using IOT devices, attackers take advantage of security vulnerabilities or device weaknesses to control numerous devices using command and control software.

Web Vulnerability  Application

Identify vulnerabilities in all types of modern, legacy, and custom web applications, regardless of the architectures or platforms they are based on.

​​End Point Security

Endpoint security prevent data leak protection (DLP), device management, network access control, encryption, threat detection, and response.

Vulnerability Management 

Standardized configurations will find it much easier and less costly to implement a patch and vulnerability management program. using automated patching tools

Seamlessly integrate security into modern development and stay ahead of threats without slowing down.

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Combining many technologies into a single platform and managing them without putting too much strain on human resources

Automation allows you to make data-driven decisions and free up resources by reducing the time it takes to examine security and operational issues. Invest in Automation save 70% of your cost.

You may feel as though the responsibilities at hand are daunting, or that keeping up with the latest security dangers is a challenging effort. Always, IT & Security Team are overwhelmed by the duties at hand, or that keeping up with the latest security is a challenging effort.

We can relieve some of the pressure so you can focus on what matters most: running your business.

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