Total Endpoint Security

Introducing an All-Encompassing Solution
To Guard Your Endpoints with an Unprecedented Simplicity.

Traditional Defenses Are Unfit to Stop Modern Threats.

SEMNet Has an Adequate Answer

It’s true –cyber criminals are using more and more advanced techniques and technologies to hurt businesses and organizations all over the world. Traditional protection that revolves around the antivirus is not enough to thwart their attacks. But, in cooperation with world-class IT security vendors, SEMNet can provide you with a total endpoint security solutions. Protecting your business from a wide range of advanced threats, ranging from zero-day to targeted attacks. With our help, you’ll be back in full speed in no time -immediately after the attack happens. We’ll simplify your cyber security control and responses to improve both the defenses and the regulatory compliances.

Core Threat Protection

Delivering a full set of security measures preventing core threats to all of your company’s endpoints.

Apps Containment

Minimizing the impact of malicious files and zero-day malware by containing them before they can do any harm.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Utilizing advanced integrated and automated processes to speed up and streamline incident responses.

Multi-Layered Endpoint Detection & Response.

Redefining Cyber Security

EDR is genuinely a breakthrough IT security solution that solves multiple problems at the same time. Making the detection andanalysis of suspicious files and activities more straightforward –and dealing with those that prove to be a threat more efficient. Now, the organizations of the new era have a definitive shield with fast remediation prevents lateral movement across the endpoint estate preventing malware from attackers are locked-out. Ransomware Rollback technology allows you to wind back the clock to negate theimpact of ransomware by leveraging just-in-time backups. Endpoint detection and response adds another layer of protection, on top of the signature-based defenses – able to detect anomalies by exploiting the behavior patterns and the increased visibility.

Endpoint Isolation

Network isolation to restrict which processes can communicate. Process Isolation to restrict which processes can run. Desktop Isolation to alert the end user and halt interaction.

Pro-Active Malware Hunting

Minimizing the impact of malicious files and zero-day malware by containing them before they can do any harm.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Utilizing advanced integratedand automated processes to speed up and streamline incident responses.

Simple, Yet Robust. Flexible, Yet Impenetrable.

Extended Visibility for Enhanced Security

We have tailored our solution to provide the broadest visibility into data –helping our clients invoke comprehensive endpoint protection. With our help, it’s now easier to detect and prevent even the most advanced cyber threats –minimizing the risks of losing data, and helping businesses get in their full operational mode faster than ever before. But, we didn’t stop there. The solution we provide also offers streamlined, centralized management features –increasing the visibility and efficiency once and for all.Capable of being deployed on premises, or in the cloud environment, depending on your exact requirements.

Smart Anti-Malware Shield

Providing advanced protection across different operating systems, our anti-malware engine is capable of adapting to stop the evolving threats.

Dynamic Containment Capabilities

Our solution efficiently secures all of your company’s endpoints when needed, by instantly responding to various types of cyber risks.

Proactive Web Protection

We deliver a solution for completely safe browsing with the help of advanced endpoint web protection and filtering features.

Machine Learning Examination

Analyzing and detecting zero-day threats almost instantaneously – by checking their behavior and appearance over different channels.


Industry-Leading Threat Forensics

We help you gain an in-depth knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities, providing you with actionable forensics to improve your IT security.

Implement Complete Endpoint Protection

We help your organization achieve better results despite the ever-growing number of threats in the cyber-environment of today.