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A CASB vendor also gives enterprises visibility into authorized and non-authorized cloud usage. It can intercept and monitor data traffic between the corporate network and cloud platform, assist with compliance issues, offer data security policy enforcement, and prevent unauthorized devices, users, and apps from accessing cloud services. The cloud (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) is changing business for the better, making employees more productive and businesses more innovative. Companies across all industries have begun to embrace the cloud as they migrate to popular enterprise cloud services such as Office 365, Salesforce and Box. However, this enthusiasm for cloud adoption is tempered by security, compliance and governance concerns. Employees aren’t slowing down and are adopting cloud services on their own. Cloud services procured and managed outside of IT’s purview, often referred to as “Shadow IT”, complicate the situation for IT and IT security teams.

In the all-important area of data security, a CASB provider enforces corporate data security policies to prevent unwanted activity based on data classification, data discovery, and user activity monitoring. Policies are applied through controls, such as audits, alerts, blocking, quarantine, deletion, and encryption, at the field and file level in cloud hosting services. CASB solutions include control and monitoring, risk and compliance management, threat protection, and cloud data security.

Cloud Access Security Brokers Can Make Your Data More Secure

  The responsibility of being breached does not transfer to the service provider.

Sensitive data can be controlled in and out of the cloud in real time with the Citadel cloud DLP engine. This simply means we can prevent the sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands with policy driven protection.

Security and compliance can be assured against breaches with the Harbor cloud encryption. We ensure that the data resides where it should be and not out of what it shouldn’t be.

Mobile workers are increasing and mobile devices becomes an inseparable component to us when it comes to accessing and retrieving data. Our approach to mobile security ensures that the information stays within and protected on any device, anywhere.

This includes securing mobile and BYOD with agentless solution. Minutes are what we need to configure up and deploy for users and admins. Again, corporate data on any devices is protected with the Citadel data protection engine.

Data leaving the organizations to high-risk destinations can be a major concern. It could mean leaking out information in real time through data exfiltration and there is a need to identify in a timely fashion. Uncover threats and data breaches that go undetected in traditional infrastructure.

Install no hardware or software – its Rapid Deployment.

Gain complete visibility into the size and risk of cloud usage while staying FERPA and HIPAA compliant

In today’s fast-paced environment, educational institutions are constantly looking to foster more efficient collaboration and information sharing within the organization as well as with other organizations. One way they are achieving this is by leveraging cloud technology. However, there is a persistent data security risk that comes with increased collaboration as staff unknowingly uses risky and unsafe cloud services to perform their day-to-day work. Enables secure usage of sanctioned cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Office 365.

How It Works:

We provide a security platform that protects the data end-to-end from SaaS, IaaS, to other custom cloud applications onto any endpoints. This can be achieved by proxying traffic between the cloud applications and the end-user devices to maintain control and visibility over all the corporate data.

Some Highlighted Components :

CASBs are data-centric security platforms that protect data end-to-end, from SaaS, IaaS, and custom cloud applications to any endpoint. By proxying traffic between cloud apps and end-user devices, CASBs offer control and visibility over all your corporate data.

Using massive cloud applications currently or thinking of moving into cloud applications but yet worry about the data protection?

We provide total data protection solution that balances cloud agility, security and user experience.  SEMNET empower users who uses SaaS apps such as Salesforce, Office 365 and as well as IaaS providers such as the AWS while yet maintaining visibility and control over the data.