Security Automation & Orchestration

Utilize Leading Technologies & Methodologies
To Streamline & Strengthen Your Cyber Security Operations.

Put Your Cyber Defense on Autopilot.

The Right Answer to Any Incident Scenario

As a part of providing the most comprehensive IT security help, SEMNet’s experts can help you implement a leading solution to automate and orchestrate security operations and incident response processes. After you customize the platform to suit the exact needs of your business, the advanced incident responders will start searching for and analyzing the potential malware, data loss, and regulatory breach incidents. Successfully thwarting any threat that proves to be real.

An Effective Shield – Working in the Background

Security automation and orchestration enables organizations to focus on developing their core business, not having to worry about various levels of cyber threats. The solution that SEMNet provides is capable of successfully dealing with multiple different threats at once. Providing detailed reports that can help you further strengthen your IT security and prevent future cyber-risk before it even occurs.


Growing volume and veracity of security alerts, often with some left untouched


Increased workloads with mundane and repetitive tasks taking up valuable time


Shortage and competition for skilled security analysts


Lack of knowledge transfer with tribal knowledge lost with personnel changes


Budgetary, legal and compliance constraints


Difficulty measuring and managing overall performance

Robust Capabilities. Tailored Approach.

Minimize the Effects of Different Cyber Threats

At SEMNet, we take pioneer technologies and methodologies and mix them with the support of trusted partners to help businesses implement the most effective security automation and orchestration processes internationally. Employing a tailored approach – because no organization is facing the same level and frequency of cyber threats – to build them a set of effective conditional workflows. Maximizing the efficiency of their cyber protection, and significantly increasing the percentage of handled incidents.


Full Incident Lifecycle Automation


Robust Management Options


Intuitive Incident Response Workflows


Dual-Mode Operations


Detailed & Actionable Reports

Enhancing Your Cyber Protection.

01 Automate

We help you utilize breakthrough methodologies to effectively automate incidents detection, analysis, and containment (or elimination). The advanced solution is capable of instantly learning and adapting – to successfully deal with the ever-evolving threats.

02 Orchestrate

Implement a full circle of incident investigation and response processes, tailored to unique specifications of your business’ security needs. Combine manual and automated actions to analyze risks and create an impenetrable cyber shield protecting you in the future.

03 Measure & Improve

With the help of in-depth reports, KPI’s, and benchmark examples, finally be able to identify the weakest points in your organization’s IT security. Then, use the acquired step-by-step suggestions to decidedly optimize your business’ cyber security efforts.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Cyber Shield

We help your organization achieve better results despite the ever-growing number of threats in the cyber-environment of today.