Respond to All Cyber Security Alerts

SOAR Helps You Recognize Threats and Properly Respond to

Real Cyber Attacks


Security automation and orchestration enables organizations to focus on developing their core business, not having to worry about various levels of cyber threats. The solution that SEMNet provides is capable of successfully dealing with multiple different threats at once. Providing detailed reports that can help you further strengthen your IT security and prevent future cyber-risk before it even occurs.

Implement a full circle of incident investigation and response processes, tailored to unique specifications of your business’ security needs. Combine manual and automated actions to analyze risks and create an impenetrable cyber shield protecting you in the future.

Keep Cyber Incidents Under Control


Measure success

Effectively track KPIs and business risk.

Progressive automated actions permit analysts to save time  on real threats.

Detect and investigate alerts Collect incoming alerts and validate threat levels.

Full Integration and Orchestration

Security Operations Flexibility


Incident Triage and False Positive Reduction

End-to-End SOAR Platform Customizable Features

Independent and Open SOAR Architecture


Measure & Improve

With the help of in-depth reports, KPI’s, and benchmark examples, finally be able to identify the weakest points in your organization’s IT security. Then, use the acquired step-by-step suggestions to decidedly optimize your business’ cyber security efforts.


Respond to Alerts Faster With

Security Orchestration and Automation



Dramatically reduce the mean time to detection, response and remediation of all potential security incidents, ensuring no alert goes untouched.

See IncMan SOAR in Action.