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Secure Web Gateway

Your Network’s

perimeter defence

Detect Zero-day Malware

Secure web gateway provides industry-leading, proactive detection of zero-day malware with full coverage of web traffic, including SSL encryption, browser isolation in your corporate network.

Capable of adjusting to different needs, this intuitive solution provides an all-encompassing content filtering, and the most advanced malware detection and threat protection available.


Flexible enough to adapt to various bandwidth demands, but robust enough to successfully prevent the loss of data – at all times.


Real-Time Threat Detection & Protection

Continuously performing detailed scans allows us to implement the most advanced and thorough procedures to detect and eliminate malware threats in real-time. with instant visibility of all ports and protocols – and give you deepened control over web traffic.

Flexible Management of

Mobile Devices

No matter if the devices accessing the network are corporate-owned, BYOD, or guest ones to assures your security policies are being implemented at all times and across all locations. with centralized  platforms.


Cutting-Edge Solution for Your Web Defense.


Secure web gateway technology to protect every device, user, and location from internet threats.


Advanced protection includes real-time protection from malicious web content. Antivirus ensures complete malware protection sourced from various threat feeds.

Take action on any element of the web request-response cycle, allowing limitless flexibility and web security crafted for your organization.

Multi-Level Protection

Comprehensive cyber security means you get full protection across all of your organization’s systems, networks, platforms, and devices.


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