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In the environment today, we have sophisticated attacks by cyber criminals, giving business users a hard time understanding what emails they can open and what they cannot without getting into risks of any malware attacks or in most serious cases, ransomware attacks. Referring to the Ponemon Institute, the cost of cybercrime related activities in organizations average out to $15 million a year in 2015 and this figure will set to rise to an estimated $1 billion by 2020. Be aware that when these happens, more likely than not, it is very damaging to the organization as a whole in terms of reputation which for some, is irreversible.

The Email Gateway Solution helps to keep all sensitive data such as credit card details and passwords, safe by removing the threats from files that are attached to the email messages coming into the network. Another to take note on this solution will be the patented technology of the Advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction. What this means simply is that the files are screen through with potential malware or threats removed before returning you your docs safe for opening or use. We have seen solutions removing the entire attachment (or changing the attachment format) that contain threat but in today’s world, we cannot afford to miss out important attachments that we should need to be receiving, less off the threat.

How It Works:

Incoming Email Messages are all routed to the Secure Email Gateway when each and every email with their attachments are checked thoroughly and scanned for known and potential threats. Each file is then scanned and malicious code is being removed upon detection. Integrity and functionality of the original files are preserved for safe of edit. This then release the email and the attachments to your organization’s email server. This way it prevents the threat from even entering into your network, spreading malware to all other users. On your privacy, you can be sure that we do not store any of your messages on our end whether it’s the original or the cleanse version

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