Advanced IT Security for Retail

Utilize Cutting-Edge IT Security Solutions,
Protecting Your Retail Business from Different Types of Cyber Threats.

Alarming Rise of Cyber Attacks in Retail Industry

Enormous Amounts of Potential Damage

In the recent past, the retail industry has experienced some of the most catastrophic data breaches in history. Hundreds of millions debit and credit card numbers were stolen, along with a vast amount other highly confidential customer information. The result of these cyber thefts? The vicious attacks have cost the affected companies hundreds of millions of US dollars. But, one can argue that damages to brand images, customer attritions, ongoing litigations, and regulatory fallouts have cost much, much more.

Advanced Solutions to Suit Complex Needs

Retail businesses of today just don’t know from where the attack is first going to occur. There are thousands of point-of-sale terminals. Huge, distributed retail networks, often covering hundreds of different locations, across multiple continents. Most of which offer free access to WiFi, and which equip their employees with company-issued smart devices, and support BYOD policies in-store. And, of course, there is the increase in website or mobile app shopping. Those are all the reasons why we have developed comprehensive, state-of-the-art cyber solutions for retail businesses – safeguarding them from all possible threats.

SEMNet – Providing Total Cyber Security

Intuitive Cabalities

Over the years, our experts have developed intuitive solutions to identify, prevent and thwart attacks, no matter the situation.

Inventive Solutions

Knowing how important it is for modern retail businesses to have flawless IT security makes us never stop evolving our solutions.

Unrivaled Support

With SEMNet, you get a reliable and proactive partner. Able to guide you through all processes, making your retail business cyber-secure.

Scalable IT Security Capabilities for Retail

Advanced Malware Defense

As the hackers adapt and utilize more and more sophisticated equipment and technologies – so must do the retailers. Only that way can the businesses ensure their IT security network protects them from hidden data channels and unseen ports to deliver evasive malware. With SEMNet, you can get a practical solution that implements visibility and control across all 131,070 data channels and hidden protocols. Our integrated security tools (including IPS and behavioral sandboxing) seamlessly detects the advanced malware threats other solutions miss.

Mobile Device Management

No matter the location of the unsecured mobile device connected to one of your networks – your retail business is at risk from multiple cyber threats. Our specialists have developed a way to minimize the vulnerability of your retails organization efficiently, equipping you with powerful mobile device management. Providing you the control you need to safeguard all the company-owned or BYOD mobile smartphones, tablets, or laptops that access corporate resources.

Smart Data Loss Prevention

Retail businesses of today just can’t allow even the smallest data breaches – because the consequences can be dier, disrupting the business’ plans and doing irreparable damages to brand’s reputation. We can help you implement intuitive data loss prevention solution – able to learn and adapt. Providing just the right response at just the right time, no matter if you’re dealing with protecting, encrypting, quarantining, or ensuring compliance. Preventing the loss of sensitive data.

Distributed Network Protection

Just like your business environment, your distributed network is highly dynamic. Changing as your retail locations open and close. With our help, you can ensure that all new stores get a comprehensive IT protection – fast and easy. Without the standard need for the backhaul appliances or the expensive VPN and MPLS links. Enabling you to fully focus on expanding your business’ influence, and not have to worry about possible security breaches.

Cloud Data Protection

As more and more data is being stored and shared on the cloud, comprehensively securing company’s cloud information becomes a necessity. With SEMNet’s total cloud data protection, retail businesses gain real-time control and protection of all of their cloud-based, sensitive and „regular“ information. Plus, you’ll ensure compliance with all required cloud protocols and policies.

Increased Visibility & Reporting

Yes, we can help you to get unlimited visibility across all data channels – no matter the size of your company’s distributed network. But, we don’t stop there. We offer intelligent, highly-customizable reporting and analytics about the state of your IT security, along with the real-time list of actionable threats across all users, devices, and locations.

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