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Why investing in a SOAR solution pays off?

Understanding how a SOAR platform helps your SecOps exactly is crucial.

SOAR actually makes your investment worthwhile because it affects the performance of your SOC in different ways:

Improves collaboration: Your security professionals will have a tough time juggling multiple tools and dealing with thousands of alerts at once. By offering a customizable dashboard and automating a wide range of SecOps, SOAR helps bring your whole SOC team closer.

Freeing up time for analysts: SOAR allows you to automate entire SecOps processes and fully automates a variety of low-risk assignments, thus freeing up time for your analysts to be more organized and productive.

Detecting false positives: Many organizations struggle with huge volumes of alerts that have to be assessed by their analysts. And without a SOAR solution, the analysts will have to manually assess all the alerts, which is incredibly time-consuming and often leads to alert fatigue, and eventually, in loss of quality security professionals.

Retain valued security professionals: The growing skill-shortage in the cyber world is making it hard to find decent security professionals and even harder to retain them. This is because the workload can sometimes be overwhelming, and when you add the fact that without SOAR, many security professionals will be delegated the responsibility of manually assessing every alert, it is understandable why the skill shortage is occurring in the first place.

Still confuse between a SIEM and a SOAR?

That’s because SIEM itself is not able to distinguish between true and false positives. SIEM is an advanced alert-detection system that is able to detect alerts but is not capable of assessing their credibility.

Evaluate the needs of your organization

How many team members does your SOC team consist of?

How many alerts do you receive on a daily or weekly basis?

What are the most common types of cyber threats you receive?

How important is fast incident response time for your organization?

Learn how to utilize SOAR’s strengths

Improves the effectiveness of your SOC team by 10 times

Increases your incident response time by 80x

Increases the number of resolved incidents by 200%

Drastically improves threat hunting capabilities

SOAR relies on a series of orchestrated actions that are designed to intercept cyber threats before they become full-blown alerts.

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