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We Keep Cyber Incidents Under Control We’ve worked in security operations (SecOps) and incident response (IR) for decades. We understand how frustrating it is to waste so much time responding to non-critical alerts and false positives. We helped establish industry standards for SecOps and IR. Our customers include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises, managed security service providers, and global government organizations.

  • Co-edited four ISO standards

  • Pioneers in cybersecurity and incident response

  • Engineered one of the first technical implementations of RFC 5070

  • We’re the only SOAR vendor with multiple technology patents

  • Actively participate in technical committees within standardization bodies

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SOAR Platform Works With Your Existing Cyber Security Systems Independent and Open SOAR Architecture As a pure-play provider, our IncMan SOAR solution has an open architecture and agile approach to meeting your individual SecOps needs, so that you are not tied down by existing technologies or vendor relationships.

Incident Triage and False Positive Reduction IncMan SOAR automatically triages events identifying false positives before creating full incidents, leading to a 10x reduction of analyst time spent on mundane and repetitive tasks.

End-to-End SOAR Platform We provide a comprehensive platform that supports SOC and IR teams from identification to remediation, including full case management capabilities.

Customizable Features IncMan SOAR is highly adaptable and can be tailored to meet your team’s most granular needs, as well as existing programs and processes, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Success Driven Partner Approach Through consultation and collaboration, our IncMan SOAR solution takes ownership of your SecOps goals, from POC to production, in order to improve your overall security program.

Speak to our consultant to find out how SOAR can streamline and help your business and security process.

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