First-Class Managed Security Services

Combining Impenetrable Cyber Protection
With the Most Customizable Set of Advanced Features.

The Benefits of Expert Managed Security Services:

Enhance IT Security

Advanced managed security solutions provide organizations with fully comprehensive protection against the increasingly advanced IT security threats.

Improve Compliance

The complexity of a modern business environment forces businesses andinstitutions to guarantee total compliance across multiple channels, at all times.

Focus on Core Business

Having a reliable IT security partner on board means you’ll finally be able to turn your entire focus on improving core competencies, without having to worry about security breaches.

Reduce Costs

Effectively safeguarding your organization against various cyber threats, and ensuring different types of compliance will help you reduce costs in the long run.

Highly-Customizable to Suit Your Needs.

The first level of customization is designed to suit your organization’s size. Made Flexible. So You Don’t Have to Be.

End-To-End Solutions

SEMNet’s managed security services serve as a one-stop cyber security solution to organizations of various shapes and sizes.

Tailored to You

We realize your business is unique. So, we let you tailor our expert managed security services to suit your exact needs.

Leading Methodologies

Our experts are familiar with all proven-to-work methodologies, but are also searching for the new, breakthrough ones.

International Coverage

Being present in the major business hubs of Southeast Asia helps us provide you with the best (and fastest) service possible.

Full Range of Advanced & Battle-Tested Features.

The next step is choosing the specific set of expert features which will guarantee your organization gets the absolute best Managed Security Services.

Optional, Value-Additive Features.

Crafted to suit the needs of even the most demanding organizations, SEMNet offers several optional features that can be added to any plan.

Bandwidth Optimization

Have different bandwidthrequirements? Not a problem, we can adjust to ensure peak network performance at all times.

Network Anomalies Solution

Background solution to efficiently detect anomalies, contain and stop the threats, and prevent any data loss.

Efficient Indexing

Increase your reporting capabilities by storing and indexing various events for instant, scalable searching

Cyber Risk Scoring

Implement top-of-the-line scoring of high-risk users and devices within your network, in real-time.

Advanced Mobile Device

Management For the organizations that require next-level mobile device monitoring, control, and security across multiple locations.

Behavioral Sandboxing

Intuitive detection and manageddetonation of suspicious files to thwart the unidentified and polymorphic malware.

Need Extensive Support? Not a Problem.

Standard Support Advanced Support (most popular) Premier Support (suggested)
Online Training
Email Support
Phone Support
Onsite Support Up to 4 Hours a Month Up to 8 Hours a Month
24/7/365 Access to Technical Engineers
Priority Queue Access
Priority Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Level 1 Response Time 6 Hours 3 Hours 1 Hours
Level 2 Response Time 8 Hours 4 Hours 2 Hours
Level 3 Response Time 12 Hours 6 Hours 6 Hours

Implement the Best Managed Security

We help your organization achieve better results despite the ever-growing number of threats in the cyber-environment of today.