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Step One – Specify Your Network Size
The first step in selecting the right iboss solution is to specify your network size, based on bandwidth at your main office, data center, or headquarters



for networks under 50 mbps at headquaters


for networks under 1 Gbps at headquaters

for networks under 1 Gbps at headquaters
iboss Distributed Gateway Platform
Cloud Gateways
Optional Local Gateway
Cloud Reporting Storage 35 GB 1.4TB 14TB
12-hour LIVE Support

Step Two – Choose a Plan

The next step is to choose the gateway cybersecurity features your organization need

 Click on the expand (+) icon for more details across packages.


The most advanced core web gateway features delivered consistently to all users regardless of their location


Core package features PLUS advanced malware defense and more


Advanced package features PLUS deep file-based data loss prevention capabilities

Complete web & content filtering
Stream-based protection, including all ports and protocols (TCP & UDP)
Granular category and user-based filtering  
Trigger-based alerts on keywords and events in real-time
File extension, domain extension, and content MIME type blocking
Port access management
Dynamic real-time URL database
Compliant with industry regulations for data privacy and protection
HIPAA certified with Business Associates Agreement (BAA)
CIPA compliant content filtering for students and staff  
SSL traffic management
Fastest, most scalable SSL decryption available
Microsegmentation to selectively decrypt based on content, device, user, or group  
Cloud application and social media controls
Advanced application scanning and deep packet inspection (DPI)
Content-aware management of social media applications, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest  
Granular control over evasive cloud applications, like TOR, BitTorrent, SnapChat, Skype, and more
Safe Search Enforcement for Google, Bing, and Yahoo
Clean Image Search and Translation Filtering for Google Services
Mobile device protection
Complete content filtering for iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices
BYOD & guest Wi-Fi policy management  
Protection for out-of-date browsers and operating systems
Browser end-of-life (EOL) protection
Operating system end-of-life (EOL) protection  
Advanced, real-time reporting
 Comprehensive, drill-down reports
Live, historical, and statistical reports  
Report scheduling and customization
Instantly pinpoint and lock users attempting to circumvent security via evasive protocols
Event searching
Auto-triggered Video Desktop Recorder (DMCR)
Native Splunk integration
SIEM integration for forensic-level reporting
Centralized management and administration in the cloud
Cloud-based admin console with responsive web UI
Complete, bi-directional policy management
 Seamless directory integration and group management
 System-delegated administrators and reporting groups
 Location-based policies
 Custom branding on end-user sign-in and block pages