Comprehensive IT Security for Healthcare

Implement Distributed IT Security Solutions,
To Protect Your Device & Equipment Network, Along with the Sensitive Data.

Evolving Needs of Today’s Healthcare Institutions

The Necessity of Safeguarding the Entire Hospital Network

The healthcare IT environment is becoming more distributed, mobile, and cloud-based, creating new, advanced cyber threats every day. Confidential patient information is now at a higher risk than ever before – now, when there people wanting to get their hands on the data from the Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR). Also, as more and more life-saving medical devices and equipment are becoming a part of the hospitals’ network, especially since the occurrence of medical IoT devices.

SEMNet’s Multi-Level Expertise Can Prevent the Crisis

The only way for hospitals and other medical institutions to ensure they are adequately protecting the enormous amounts of sensitive information, along with the network of different, critical medical equipment and devices – is to implement distributed IT security solution. SEMNet’s capabilities are tailored to suit the needs of modern healthcare organizations, enabling you to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI), maintaining total regulatory compliance, and keep your organization securely running at optimum efficiency.

Delivering Extensive IT Security for the Healthcare

Breakthrough Capabilities

We utilize some of the most cutting-edge IT security strategies and software, creating an effective shield to protect against vicious threats.

In-Depth Expertise

SEMNet’s experts are fully capable and experienced in providing modern healthcare organizations with the most advanced IT security solutions.

Non-Disturbing Solutions

Our advanced cyber security solutions all work efficiently in the background – enabling you to continue delivering top-notch medical services or products.

Tailored IT Security Capabilities

Protection of Sensitive Healthcare Data

We help hospitals minimize the vulnerability of unauthorized access to patient information by exploiting the security flaws of both organization-issued and guests’ devices. SEMNet can help you implement multi-level protection that enables you the control of the use of hospital-owned or BYOD mobile devices. iboss safeguards the devices both on and off your network with robust remote device management, including advanced scanning and wiping capabilities). Also, it provides granular application management and social media control, based on a directory group membership.

Enforcement of Internet Content Policies

SEMNet assists you in assuring complete and precise monitoring and enforcement of Internet content policies, at a granular, user-specific level. Our solutions can be customized, enabling you to define policies by users or by groups easily. The effective cyber risk scoring and behavioral analytics help you stay in total control – making it easy to monitor usage, flag threats, and identify potential threat points (of both the users and the devices). We can also deliver the fastest and most scalable selective SSL decryption, Native Splunk, and SIEM integration – if you’re ever in need of forensic-level reporting.

Protection Against Advanced Threats

More than most other industries, the healthcare heavily relies on expensive, unique, and distributed devices to provide the critical services. Unfortunately, this creates a vast range of possible threats that can come from and to laptops and smartphones, but also the advanced equipment such as MRI’s. Our solutions enable effective protection against even the most advanced threats. Helping you monitor all network traffic for malware and Command and Control (CnC) callbacks, and plug the vulnerabilities by managing access to personal services (i.e. Gmail or Google Drive). They also monitor for, identify, and immediately isolate medical and other IoT devices that pose threats.

Comprehensive Cloud Data Protection

As more and more healthcare organizations move towards cloud-based data storing and utilizing, implementing a 100% impenetrable cloud security becomes more and more critical. SEMNet’s experts help you protect your cloud data against external and internal threats, in real-time. Enabling you to implement full protection and control over all cloud information and user behavior – across all devices. Additionally, we help you ensure total compliance with modern cloud security requirements and policies.

Implementation of Legacy Operating System

It is still common for hospitals to have their equipment still using the older versions of operating systems, due to the legacy applications. Having most of that equipment connected to the Internet poses huge risks to any medical institution. This situation makes it easier for the hackers to steal or corrupt your critical data, through backdoor communication or Command and Control (CnC) callbacks. SEMNet’s solutions ensure total protection from outdated software and operating systems.

Intuitive Data Loss Prevention

Even the smallest data breaches can lead to catastrophic consequences in the healthcare industry. That’s why implementing the security solutions that are robust is not enough – your organization’s data loss prevention also needs to be intuitive. Capable of instantly shielding all the sensitive data at the various endpoints. Able to instantly adapt and implement different levels of protection, encryption, quarantine, or compliance – in different situations, and only when it’s needed.

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