Fortified Email Security

Delivering Complete Email Communication Protection
Against Spam, Viruses, Malware, Phishing & Cyber Attacks.

Email Is King. Protect the King.

Over 90% of Malicious Threats Emerge Via Email

Email is still a standard mean of communication for businesses and organizations in most industries and niches in the world. Almost all crucial information is exchanged over email – which often includes sending confidential files. On the other hand, email communication leaves a lot of room for human error to occur. Which is probably the reason behind the fact that more than 90% of ever-evolving malicious threats are using email as an attack vendor. At SEMNet, we understand the imperative importance of safeguarding your email communication and file transfers, which is why we are offering an all-in-one IT security solution.

AI to the Rescue!

Our solution utilizes artificial intelligence to implement extremely powerful, intuitive email communication security.

Shield against the Unknown

Efficiently detect and thwart even the new and unknown malware and targeted attacks that might occur via email.


Guard All Types of Files

Providing comprehensive protection means a full range of file types your enterprise is using – is safe at all times.

Safeguarding All Email Links – On All Devices.

To provide all of our clients across the globe with the absolute best IT security, SEMNet partners only with trusted and battle-proven solution providers. Our extensive experience has proven the most efficient and effective email security solution available for various types of organizations because of its in-depth, advanced capabilities. Most importantly, the solution is exceptionally easy to deploy, no matter what the exact IT security needs of your business might be.

Comprehensive Protection:


Advanced URLSand Protection


Total QuickSand Protection


Multilayer Spam Detection


HA Distributed Setup


Outbound Email Protection


Granular SMTP Policy Quota


(Up to) 3 Antivirus Engines


Comprehensive Email Tracking


Audit Logs & Deliveries


Graymail Newsletter Management


Phishing & Malware Detection


Efficient Attachment Filtering

Breakthrough Advanced Threats Defense.

Utilizing the Sandboxing Technologies to Your Advantage

The next-generation advanced threats solution enhances every organization’s cyber protection. Using the sandboxing technologies, we can deliver an impenetrable shield against phishing attacks, zero-day threats, and ransomware. By continuously detecting and blocking malicious URLs inside all your emails, all of your emails (even the uncategorized ones) on all devices are protected 24/7. Providing extended link protection at the moment the emails are accessed.

Advanced URLSand Protection

Delivering smart and comprehensive defense against all malicious email URLs in real-time.

Innovative Cloud Sandboxing

Full Protection across All Networks & Devices

Cutting-Edge Malware Detection

Total QuickSand Protection

Analyzing all files with embedded active content (like macros and scripts) – delivering only secure attachments.

Effective Gateway Sandboxing

Robust Document Sanitization

Resilient to Advanced Evasion Techniques

14 Levels of Powerful, Multilayer Spam Engine.

Get the Ideal Degree of Email Protection.

Unique Threats Require Unique Solutions

We always say –no business is the same. All organizations face different amount of different cyber threats, all of which require different solutions. That is why we’re always trying to offer various levels of IT protection so that every business can choose the perfect set of cyber security solutions, efficiently solving their problems.


Virtual appliance – ready for VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen server

Deployable within minutes

Perfect for SMB and enterprises with their own infrastructure

Private Cloud

Utilizing all the benefits of cloud technology – without having to use a shared source

Perfect for MSP, resellers, and private companies


Active-active geo-clustering solution

Providing high availability and load balancing

Perfect for mission-critical businesses

Office 365

Improving Office 365 performance

Tailored to enhance the email security throughout Office 365

Secure Your Email Communication Channels

We help your organization achieve better results despite the ever-growing number of threats in the cyber-environment of today.