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IT Security Challenges of Financial Institutions.

The Stakes Are High

Financial institutions hold a high amount of sensitive and privileged information (including client info, banking details, credit card data, bank balances, etc) – all which needs to be kept completely safe and secure 24/7. And, all of which is under a constant threat from various types of hackers and cybercriminals. Financial institutions, banks, loan and insurance companies have the utmost responsibility of keeping the sensitive and privileged data 100% secure at all times. A security breach in the financial industry can be disastrous – costing companies and individuals millions (even billions), sinking the stock values, devastating the brand images, and doing irreparable damages to the relations with the clients.

New Age – New Rules

Today, financial companies are under ever-growing pressure to comply with various data privacy and protection regulations, on multiple levels. Now, it is necessary to implement multi-level compliance, whether the financial firms are dealing with PCI DSS, FINRA, GLBA, GDPR, or any other regulation. Ensuring the compliance, all while protecting the information from the possible attackers, can be extremely challenging. And, it needs to be done efficiently, without interrupting day-to-day business. On top of that, it is becoming more and more critical to protect the various mobile devices and communication channels used by the employees of the financial institution.

SEMNet – Where Efficiency Meets Flexibility.

Industry-Leading Capabilities

We have developed intelligent and intuitive solutions to prevent and thwart attacks, all while ensuring scalability and compliance.

Non-Disturbing Solutions

Our comprehensive IT security solutions work effectively in the background, not interrupting your day-to-day activities.

A True One-Stop Provider

With SEMNet, financial institutions get a reliable and proactive end-to-end solution provider for all of their IT security needs.

IT Security Capabilities – Tailored to Financial Organizations.

Content Filtering & Application Management

We ensure a completely secure access to business content and applications on the web to all of your employees. Effectively safeguarding the endpoints from malicious websites, guaranteeing total data privacy, and preventing the loss of proprietary or sensitive data.

Phishing & Social Engineering Protection

We help financial firms implement effective web content filters together with advanced anti-virus software and security analytics. Introducing best-in-class malware protection that performs and updates in real-time, providing you with non-stop, total IT security.

Protecting the Mobile Workforce

We eliminate the risk of your employees using unsecured mobile devices, by introducing the ever-evolving solutions. Made to minimize the vulnerability, enabling you to protect, monitor, manage, and control the corporate-owned mobile devices – anywhere, anytime.

Digital Risk Prevention

After assessing the current state of your networks’ and systems’ security,our experts can help you implement advanced digital risk prevention methodologies. Helping your entire organization quickly minimize different levels of digital risk.

Advanced Cloud Security

We help you effectively protect all of your data that now „lives“ in the cloud. SEMNet helps you incorporate real-time, comprehensive shield around all of your confidential (and non-confidential) information, whether it’s being used on a daily basis, or just stored in the cloud.

Distributed Gateway Platform

After years of protecting the most sensitive customer and other regulated data, our experts are confident that the most effective solution for protecting financial institutions against advanced cyber threats is Distributed Gateway Platform. It is specifically designed to enable advanced content filtering and granular application, thorough management of social media access, protect the file sharing processes, and shield against evasive or malicious websites and apps.

The Most Comprehensive Solution Available

Distributed Gateway Platform is the only solution that provides visibility and control across all 131,070 data channels, and hidden protocols – identifying and stopping the evasive malware that other solutions might not even detect. The platform implements smart data-hijacking protection, ensuring that sensitive and regulated data don’t get ex-filtrated from the network. Preventing even the most sophisticated hackers from penetrating your data security. Distributed Gateway Platform also monitors all of your network’s traffic for any kind of malware and plugs vulnerabilities, by effectively blocking access to personal services from the enterprise network. Plus – the platform’s intelligent patch management, incident response, and security analytics capabilities immediately locate and isolate the vulnerabilities that need to be patched, protecting your organization.

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