Enhanced Web Security

Supremely Comprehensive & Powerful Solution
To Ensure Definite Control over Your Web Operations.

Why SEMNet? It’s Simple:

Multi-Level Protection

Comprehensive cyber security means you get full protection across all of your organization’s systems, networks, platforms, and devices.


Extended Scalability

Our web security solutions are highly adaptable to your needs. Meaning you always get the best IT protection, that grows as you do.


Outstanding Control

We provide you with an easy-to-use, centralized interface, allowing you to achieve deepened, customizable control of the entire network.


Studious Reporting

We inform you about all the threats, risks, vulnerabilities, but also opportunities. Helping you never stop improving your IT security.

Advanced Capabilities to Overcome Security Challenges.

Real-Time Threat Detection & Protection

Continuously performing detailed scans allows us to implement the most advanced and thorough procedures to detect and eliminate malware threats in real-time. Unlike many other, our solutions don’t have blind spots, permitting us to fit you with instant visibility of all ports and protocols – and give you deepened control over web traffic.

Extensive Assurance of Regulatory Compliance

Shorter time needed to detect (and respond) to threats – also means your organization will ensure achieving the required compliance. With our help, you’ll be able to implement multiple laws and regulations regarding different types of data protection, helping you improve the level of assured regulatory compliance.

Granular Social Media & Cloud Protection

Only the best-in-class solutions can help the ever-growing challenges of keeping your social media and cloud apps fully managed and secured. We deliver granular control, utilizing the visibility over 131k data channels, making your social media and cloud protection more streamlined and tailored to your specific needs.

Flexible Management of Mobile Devices

No matter if the devices accessing the network are corporate-owned, BYOD, or guest ones, SEMNet assures your security policies are being implemented at all times and across all locations. Also, the centralized interface enables the introduction of highly-customizable capabilities, extending over all platforms.

Advanced Cyber-Risk Scoring

Our top-of-the-line cyber-risk scoring is performed at real-time, providing enhanced capabilities of suspicious files detection and (safe) elimination to thwart various types of costly threats. Identifying and isolating high-risk devices and users might be the key to protecting your network from dangerous malware.

Cutting-Edge Solution for Your Web Defense.

Secure Distributed Gateway Platform

A desire to provide our clients with the absolute best web protection made us search for a trusted and proven partner, capable of delivering an impenetrable cyber shield to organizations of different shapes and sizes. The search lead us to iboss, whose Secure Distributed Gateway Platform combines extended visibility across all data channels with strengthened protection across all applications.

Suiting IT Security Demands of Tomorrow

Capable of adjusting to different needs, this intuitive solution provides an all-encompassing content filtering, and the most advanced malware detection and threat protection available. Flexible enough to adapt to various bandwidth demands, but robust enough to successfully prevent the loss of data – at all times.

Enhance Your Business’ Web Security

We help your organization achieve better results despite the ever-growing number of threats in the cyber-environment of today.