Enhanced IT Security for Education

Enhance Your Organization’s Cyber Security,
Guarding Confidential Students’ Data & Ensuring Regulatory Compliance.

A Smart Answer to Modern Threats to Schools.

The Ever-Increasing Risks

Cyber threats are becoming more and more common for schools and other educational institutions of today. Now, when the majority (if not all) of students’ confidential data is in electronic form, when schools are moving towards computerized testing, and when more and more students and staff members are connecting their mobile devices to their schools’ WiFi networks – the dangers multiply. And that’s without even mentioning all the staff members and students who bring their school-supplied laptops and tablets at their homes or public hot-spots.

Ensuring Protection & Compliance – With a Budget In Mind

Even if the authorities didn’t introduce The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) – educational organizations would still need to invest a lot of effort to ultimately ensure the protection of confidential students’ data from hackers and other cyber-criminals. At SEMNet, we have worked hard to develop a comprehensive cyber security solution for modern schools. Our capabilities introduce an ultra-tight network of advanced IT security solutions to ensure CIPA compliance while protecting sensitive data – all without arising excessive cost or requiring excessive administration.

SEMNet – Intelligent Efficiency.

Tailor-Fitted Capabilites

Our solutions were developed specifically to suit a whole range of IT security needs modern educational institutions may require.

Intuitive IT Security

As the cyber threats to schools continue to evolve – so do our solutions. Keeping your organization protected, at all times.

Superior Support

With SEMNet, educational organizations can always rely on getting from-beginning-to-end support – solving their IT security needs.

All-Round Cyber Security Capabilities.

Multi-Channel Compliance

Our advanced solution enforces compliance across all devices, both on and off campus site. Made to integrate with the directory services seamlessly, it allows for streamlined applying of policies – ensuring proper filtering. The fastest and most scalable selective SSL decryption help filter encrypted traffic, and remove network blind spots, providing visibility across all ports and protocols

Non-Standard Protocol Defense

Your students may often unknowingly use the same apps with non-standard protocols that hackers use to circumvent content filters – putting your CIPA compliance at serious risk. Unlike DNS filtering-based solutions that are easily bypassed, SEMNet’s Distributed Gateway Platform uses multi-layered app management to instantly identify and stop these attempts – protecting your educational organization.

Advanced Malware Protection

The standard methods of thwarting malware attacks are costly, and time and labor-intensive. We’ve developed advanced solutions that ensure the most effective detection and prevention of dangerous malware. We will provide your school with Command and Control (CnC) callback monitoring and Global Cloud Threat Intelligence to predict and prevent threats. Also, our time-saving Incident Response Center will detect malware in real-time, enabling a priority response.

Mobile Devices Control & Protection

Ensuring multi-channel compliance and total IT security protection can be difficult when so many students and staff members connect their own devices to the organization’s WiFi networks. We help schools deal with both compliance and cyber security, with the help of iboss – providing you with an integrated BYOD management. Extending your IT security policies across all mobile device users.

Student-Data Hijacking Prevention

The possible consequences of sensitive students’ information can be catastrophic for an educational institution, in so many different ways. At SEMNet, we approach this issue with extreme attention to detail – providing exceptional, multi-level behavioral protection. Introducing a powerful set of configurations and protocols to ensure total protection from the attempts to exfiltrate students’ data from the network.

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