(Immediate) Disaster Recovery as a Service

The Disasters Are Bound to Happen,But Downtime Can Be Shortened & Data Loss Can Be Prevented.

Enforcing Total Data Protection.

Every Business Is Under Constant Threat

Did you know that, according to recent findings of Ponemonand Quorum DR, a staggering amount of 91% of businesses analyzed experienced data center outage in two-years time? Not one organization is safe, simply because it’s almost impossible to predictwhere the disaster will come from. It can be caused by hardware failure (55% of the times), by human error (22% of the times), software failure (18% of the time), but it can even be triggered by natural disasters in some cases!

SEMNet Can Guarantee Quick Results

Yes, guarantee. We’re that confident our disaster recovery solutions work. In fact, we’ve seen our experts provide almost instant help to businesses of various shapes and sizes, experiencing multiple types of data outages, caused by various critical events. SEMNetcan help you efficiently guard your data and ensure operational uptime in dire situations –because we understand how important those things are to you and to all of your stakeholders. Our advanced service helps you

Avoid Any Loss of Data

Eradicate the Costly Downtime

Prevent the Ransomware



Ensure System Failover in 15 Minutes or Less!

Providing All-Round Security, When You Truly Need It.

100% Effective, Built-In Security Solution

Our experts have developed a comprehensive disaster recovery solution, capable of immediate response in any critical situation. The solution that stores in any cloud and can recover virtually any type of data –fast. The solution reboots anywhere, and providesrapid failback anytime and every time. The solution that efficiently protects any kind of device, and supports any type of operating system. Basically, SEMNet’ssolution will help you ensure the protection of your:

Physical Servers

Virtual Servers

Desktop PCs & Laptops

Mobile Devices


All Types of Mixed Environments

What Makes Our DRaaS So Superior?

Traditional Backup Solution

The backup solution, if triggered, takes hours (or even days) after the disaster to get your business’ system up and running,because it first focuses on restoring the data. But, not being able to operate normally (or even at all), causes huge operational delays, and can cost organizations vast amounts of money.

SEMNet’s Advanced Disaster Recovery Solution

We focus on efficiently preventing ransomware and saving your organization from any loss of valuable time, resources, and brand damage. That’s why our solution is created to get your system up and running in minutes, after which it turns to successfully restoring all of your invaluable data. Additionally, our Push button failover solution enables the users, the processes, and theservices to keep working with recovered, virtualized apps.

Plus, Our Pricing Is Simple & Transparent.

Allowing Maximum FlexibilityAfter you reach out and tell us a little bit about your organization’s disaster recovery needs, we will briefly provide you witha fully-tailored quote, consisting of an activation fee and a monthly fee. Designed to provide you with best-in-class DRaaS, able to instantly respond and save your business from a real disaster.

No Hidden Fees SAAS Payment

No Additional Recovery Costs

Depends on the Amount of Data We Protect

Hybrid Model - On Permises Or Cloud

Get the Best Disaster Recovery Assistance

We help your organization achieve better results despite the ever-growing number of threats in the cyber-environment of today.