Data Loss Prevention

Defend Sensitive Data & Assure Full Compliance
By Invoking the Most Advanced Protection across All Networks & Endpoints.

Unlike Breaches, Losing Data Is Avoidable.

Delivering the Best-In-Class Security Solution

The breaches are bound to happen. But, whether your networks or your endpoints are under attack – SEMNet can help you minimize the risk and prevent catastrophic data loss. We partner up with Data Loss Prevention vendors to provide our clients across various industries with the most advanced (and most flexible) defense against the costly loss of data. At the same time, the solution we provide helps your company stay on top of multiple regulatory compliance requirements. By delivering most profound control over the storage and exchange of data across networks and endpoints in real-time, we’re able to stop suspicious insider activities and outside attacks. Before your valuable data gets in real danger.

IT Security, Tailored to You.

Granular Control of Data Storage & Movement

Applying the control at a granular level means you’ll finally be able to instantly block or encrypt all types of confidential data that’s being stored or moved across your drives, cloud, or emails. Also, you’ll be able to award internal and external data access permissions at the degree your organization needs, helping you guard and/or limit the file transfer more effectively and successfully than before.


In-Depth Visibility

Gain the deepest insights about everything that happens with and to your data to ensure total protection of confidential information.

Exhaustive Monitoring

We monitor and control all of your business’ communication channels, social media, and apps – to help you react instantly when needed.

Sensitive Data Protection

Get the broadest, multi-level defense of all of your organization’s structured and unstructured data (including intellectual property).

Full Compliance Assurance

We help you introduce and customize various compliance policies, making sure you don’t experience compliance-related problems in the future.

Efficiency Doesn’t Exclude Flexibility.

Flexible Deployment

Our solution is built easy to deploy, with multiple deployment and setup options available to all of our clients. Ensuring you get precisely what you need.

Streamlined Management

To ensure you waste as little time as possible overviewing the setup, the solution comes with pre-configured, easily customizable management policies.


Customizable Responses

Easily create a fully tailored set of automated responses to and notifications of various events that might threaten your organization’s confidential data.

Intelligent Data Classification

Set custom priorities and data classifications to guarantee the best possible protection against all types of cyber risks endangering your company’s data.

Implement the Best Data Loss Prevention Solution

We help your organization achieve better results despite the ever-growing number of threats in the cyber-environment of today.