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Cyber Risk


Allow your team to respond to external cyber risks

Gain a 360-degree view of your own network and your complete business ecosystem’s, and save time by evaluating third and fourth parties based on the amount of risk they present. Increase Confidence Increase Awareness Anticipate the Likelihood of a Breach Companies with an F rating are 7.7x more likely to suffer a data breach versus those with an A rating. 

Instantly get a view of your digital supply chain ecosystem to help take active steps to mitigate risk.

Combine attack surface, attribution, and deep threat intelligence into a single platform to gain better insight and faster analysis on threat attacks.

Continuously track, monitor, and tag high-level scorecard scores of organizations that are not part of a portfolio.

Why Cyber Risk Scoring important?

In order to properly assess an organization's cyber risk exposure, it is important to use a cyber risk scoring system. Cyber risk scoring systems are designed to help organizations identify, quantify, and prioritize their cyber risks. There are a number of different cyber risk scoring systems available, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The Cyber Risk Scoring System (CRSS) is a cyber risk scoring system developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (Kandasamy et al., 2020). The CRSS is designed to help organizations identify, quantify, and prioritize their cyber risks.


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We help security teams measure and report on the effectiveness of their risk mitigation strategy as it relates to their own security posture and their business ecosystem (third- and fourth-party vendors, business partners, and associates). 

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