Securing your Remote Workforce

Most organizations viewed working at home as a perk, a nice-to-have, bait to dangle before a prospective employee. Now, with many workers confined to their homes to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, it's become a necessity. That change in the way employees work can create security problems for the businesses that employ them.

IT and security teams have had to scramble to figure out how to support massive growth in remote employees. One way they have done that is by directing them to turn to convenient, online collaboration tools.  At such,  organization needs to create a stronger ‘cyber smart’ security culture takes time and lots of education, but under the current circumstances we all need to play our part more immediately.


Journey for Secure Workplace

We can help you to meet your Goal.


Network Security

  • Network Firewall

  • Intrusion Prevention System

  • Advanced Threat Protection

  • Secure VPN Access

Email Protection

  • QuickSandboxing

  • Prevent Spoofing Detection

  • Phishing & Malware Detection

  • Outbound Email Protection

Device Protection

  • Laptop 

  • Workstation 

  • Server 

  • Tablets

  • Mobile 


Data Loss Prevention

  • Data control

  • Data classification

  • Prevent insider threat

  • Intellectual Property

  • Compliance Assurance

Diaster Recovery

  • NAS Storage 

  • Cloud Backup

  • Hybrid Model 

  • Software Application

  • Recovery Services

Cloud Security

  • Cloud Risk Audit

  • Cloud Application

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Compliance Monitoring


Make sure your business is ready to take on the latest security threats, productivity and scalability challenges in 2020.

Our assessment will uncover security vulnerabilities, review back-ups and identify any network issues that may result costly downtime.


What’s included:

  • Discovery session

  • Tech setup review

  • Network security assessment

  • Backup data processes assessment

  • Review of software and configurations

  • Audit report with recommendations


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