Business Cloud Backup Service

Utilizing Cloud to Protect Your Data,
Means Fast Recovery & Response – When You Most Need It.

A Smart Move for Businesses.

You Can Never Be Too Safe

In the times when modern organizations are becoming more and more prone to becoming victims of a cyber attack, having an extra layer of IT security shield sounds not only logical but necessary. But, other than cyber attacks, there is a good chance that hardware or software failure, human error, and even a natural disaster can trigger data center outage at some point. No matter the cause, not being able to access data or even paralyzing the business’ operations can translate into catastrophic damages for any type of organization.

Cloud to the Rescue!

Utilizing cloud to store and share data is not anymore a new thing. But, not a lot of organizations are using the power of cloud backup to ensure their entire business is up and running in no time – when disasters happen. SEMNet experts can help you implement that extra layer of protection, no matter the size of data you want to keep secure. Our cloud backup service is specifically made to adjust to your needs.
ection, and significantly increasing the percentage of handled incidents.


Add Another Level of Protection


Avoid Loss of Important Data


Prevent Operations from Stopping


Protect Yourself from Ransomware

The Simplest Way to Backup & Restore.

Military-Level Security

Our cloud security solutions are battle-tested and improved to perfection against various cyber threats.

Extremely User-Friendly

Helping you save valuable time and easily set up and manage your cloud backup across all devices.

Backup Data from All Devices

Why limit this type of protection to your laptops and PCs, when so much data is stored and shared across mobile devices?

Reliable at All Times

SEMNet provides a total, non-stop cloud backup, capable of delivering instant help, whenever you need it.

Transparent & Scalable Pricing Options.

Tailored to Your Needs

We get it – no organization is the same. So, don’t expect to get a generic service, both regarding features and in terms of pricing options. Just get in touch, and together we’ll figure out what the best cloud backup plan for your organization (and its budget) is. Let’s protect your business from any level of data outage!

Flexible SaaS Payment Options

No Additional Recovery Costs

Depends on the Amount of Data We Protect

No (or Minimum) Hardware Requirements

Streamline Your Cloud Backup Needs

We help your organization achieve better results despite the ever-growing number of threats in the cyber-environment of today.