CASB – Cloud Access Security Broker

Protect Your Cloud Data & Communication Against Data Breaches & Cyber Threats –All While Ensuring Compliance.

The IT Environment Is Evolving.

Cloud Is an Opportunity, Despite the Threats

Ever since the introduction of the cloud, the benefits of using this online environment are becoming more and more apparent. And, as global cloud infrastructure gets more evolved, the new opportunities for businesses and organizations continue to emerge. Cloud services allow companies to be more responsive and attentive than ever, providing completely undiscovered capabilities for scaling and collaborating. But, as organizations put more and more data in the cloud –the need for the 24/7 protection of those files becomes absolutely critical.

Let’s Talk Numbers

With Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, about a quarter of business’ users are sharing files on the cloud –and about half of the data stored on the cloud gets shared. We begin to understand the seriousness of the risk, when we learn that a staggering amount of 12% of files can be accessed by anyone with a link to those files, while 64% of files are shared with business partners with an undisclosed level of cloud security. Today, 21% of all cloud-stored files contain some sort of sensitive data, all of which results in the occurrence of more than 31 cloud threat per month for an average organization which uses the cloud. It’s also worth noting that 4/5 of organizations experience at least 1 compromised account threat each month, and that 9/10 of organizations have some credentials for sale on the Dark Web –which were stolen on the cloud.

The New Era of IT Security Is Here.

How Secure the Cloud Environment Really Is?

No wonder many organizations are still hesitant about moving their data (that’s either to be shared or just stored) to cloud – as they are unsure about the security capabilities of the cloud environment. And this fear is preventing a lot of businesses from reaping all the benefits the cloud can provide them. But, all the cyber risks that are linked with the cloud can disappear, thanks to the emergence of CASBs (cloud access security brokers). CASBs enforce comprehensive protection – all while ensuring compliance of various data policies. Basically, CASBs serve as an extended hand of the organizations’ security systems. SEMNet can help your company introduce a definite solution for cloud security.

Scan & Assess

Enabling you to get thorough insights into data and user behavior across all of your organization’s cloud network.


Providing 24/7 shield, guarding your confidential (and regular) data stored on or exchanged over the cloud.


After stopping the threats instantly as they occur, the solution adapts and strengthens your security systems.

Enforce Total Cloud Security Solution.

Get a Full Range of Cloud Defense Capabilities.

Delivering a 100% Comprehensive Solution

SEMNet helps modern organizations fully utilize all of their cloud-related operations by providing the most all-encompassing cloud security solution available. Defending your business from all of the current threats, but also being more than capable of adapting to the cyber risks of the future, due to the intelligent features. Our solution is also highly tailored to suit your exact needs, so you don’t have to adjust.

Deployment Modes

Multi-deployment capabilities (including API and proxy)

One platform with unified policies across cloud services

Comprehensive Protection Capabilities

Protecting custom apps with DLP controls

Secure BYOD access to custom applications

Intensify Your Cloud Security Efforts

We help your organization achieve better results despite the ever-growing number of threats in the cyber-environment of today.