Scalable IT Security for Businesses

Implement Real-Time Cyber Security Solutions,
Capable of Identifying & Thwarting Even the Most Advanced Threats.

The Greater the Opportunity – the Greater the Threat

Today, Everybody Is Facing the Risk

Nowadays, all businesses – no matter their size or their location – face a very real and a severe threat from cyber criminals wanting to steal the confidential client or business’ data. We see new attacks happening every day, all across the globe, costing businesses enormous amounts of money, time, and brand reputation. To make things even worse, these vicious cyber attacks can come from different sources in our ever-changing, technology-based business environments.

Solving Problems – the Efficient Way

The advances cyber threats force modern businesses to invest in IT security solutions. Still, not every solution is the right solution. Yes, the first and most important thing you need is to ensure total cyber protection. To gain control over different channels, to gain high levels of customization to suit your specific needs, and to gain just the right amount of accessibility. But, at SEMNet, we understand that you also need something else. You need your IT security solution not to disrupt your business operations, or your budget plans.

SEMNet – Turning Threats Into Opportunities

Tailored Solutions

No business is the same. No business has the same IT security needs. We tailor our solutions – so all of our clients get the best cyber protection.

Experienced Specialists

Our specialists have proven expertise in helping countless businesses solve even the most challenging IT security problems they face.

End-To-End Support

With SEMNet, businesses can rest assured they are receiving top-quality services and support, from the moment they first get in touch.

SEMNet’s Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Intuitive Endpoint Protection & Content Filtering

Modern businesses need to ensure 24/7, real-time protection of all business’ content and apps that can be accessed by employees, partners, or customers. We help you implement smart, adapting cyber security solutions, protecting your endpoints from internal and external threats, while ensuring smart content filtering.

Phishing & Social Engineering Protection

By implementing advanced web content filters with impenetrable anti-virus and security analytics software, your business will be able to create a comprehensive network of powerful IT security. SEMNet’s experts will prevent the loss of your company’s sensitive data, so that you can focus solely on improving your operational results.

Comprehensive Mobile Workforce Security

The ever-growing number of company-owned mobile devices used by your employees has significantly increased the number and the level of cyber risks to your business. We help you gain total control over these devices, providing a definite solution to minimize this type of threats.

Multi-Channel Compliance

SEMNet’s robust IT security capabilities include efficient enforcement of requested compliances – across all devices. With proper filtering, and instant and scalable decryption, our solution works in the background, ensuring total compliance in all types of situations.

Increased Cloud Security

We help businesses successfully guard all of their information stored or shared on the cloud from both the internal and external threats. To achieve that, we’ve developed a full range of cloud security solutions, capable of instantly identifying and thwarting cyber threats.

In-Depth Visibility & Reporting

The best way to ensure your business is fully protected is to be fully proactive. With our customizable reporting and analytics that generate actionable suggestions to improve the state of your IT security – it is possible to stop even the most technologically advanced threats before they even occur.

Real-Time Data Loss Prevention

With the help of our specialists, you can prevent the costly data breaches from happening. Our solutions are efficient and effective because they’re able to quickly learn and adapt – providing different levels of security and compliance – precisely as needed. Protecting your business’ confidential data at all times.

Let’s Talk Results

Eliminate Your Backhaul Costs

With SEMNet, you don’t have to worry about backhaul appliances or about expensive VPN and MPLS links. This way, an investment in your cyber protection proves to be a smart one – getting you an immediate ROI, and saving you from significant future costs on increasing backhauled bandwidth.

Reduce Infrastructure & Data Center Costs

Apart from enforcing total, real-time IT security, we help you significantly reduce various hardware-related expenses. With our advanced solutions, you will also see a decrease in ancillary power, space, and other operating costs usually associated with the server farms and load balancers.

No Need to Buy Additional Hardware

With our help, you won’t have to buy or manage legacy secure web gateway appliances. Allowing you to shift CAPEX budget to OPEX, with an annual SaaS subscription. Creating the outcomes your business can benefit from, including having zero disruption, faster implementation, and also decreased costs.

Gain Access to On-Demand Scalability

Obviously, as your business evolves (and as your market evolves), so will the needs and the limitations of your cyber security. We can help you implement advanced solutions – allowing you to make the necessary changes super-easy, enabling you to achieve advanced scalability, when you need it.

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